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Burwood, VIC

Dale’s Journey

Dale Stephenson, Senior Pastor of one of Australia’s largest Baptist churches, reflects on his Australians Together Journey so far. 

Initially when I heard words like invasion, there wasn’t much empathy in my heart,” recalls Dale. “I had sad feelings just because it was a bit of a mess, but very little understanding,” Dale admits. But as he embarked on the Australians Together Journey, Dale's awareness of our shared history grew and he began to see the present situation through a lens of 200 years of cultural decimation. 

Today, Dale is using his position within his home and his church to help raise awareness and understanding of what he describes as a primary justice issue in our nation. 


Watch Dale’s story to find out more. 

WATCH VIDEO of Dale sharing his story

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Watch the Sharing Our Story series to learn more about our shared history. 

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