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Weemol community, Arnhem Land, NT

God’s Ceremony

Ewan's life has changed drastically since he discovered 'God’s new ceremony'

From this video, it is evident that Ewan’s life has been hard. “You want to forget about all those things, all those sorrows and worries that you have,” he says. “I’ve been a heavy drinker, smoking too much marijuana and all that stuff, you know.” 


Reflecting on his past, Ewan explains that he used to be a cultural lawman. “I’ve been handed all those cultural laws to give to my sons and grandkids,” he says. “But it is not the one that we should be worshipping.” 


Ewan describes how his life has changed as a result of leaving the “Old Ceremony” and choosing “the New Ceremony - God’s Ceremony.” Since offering control of his life to the Lord, Ewan speaks of the love, peace and joy that he has found.

WATCH : Ewen's Stroy

“I’ve been through a hard time,” he shares. “But I give thanks to the Lord for all those problems because if you trust and have faith in the Lord, He’s there for you, to help each and every one of us." 


Ewan affirms that "Christ Jesus has made all things new." His changed life, from cultural lawman to practising God's new ceremony, is testament to this truth. 

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God’s Signature

God’s Signature