For over two centuries, countless stories of the injustice faced by Indigenous Australians have gone unheard. This has left a painful mark on our present: we see it in the gap in quality of life between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Australia is not “the lucky country” for everyone. 

Who we are

We’re a not-for-profit that believes better outcomes for Indigenous Australians begin with a change in our attitudes. 

What we do

By listening to the voices of Indigenous Australians, we help non-Indigenous people learn the true story of our shared history, understand how it’s still having an impact today and imagine new ways to live together more respectfully.

Get involved

Join us in building a movement in schools, churches, workplaces and beyond who are committed to listening, learning and finding respectful ways to respond as Australians, together.


Australians Together is privately funded through philanthropists with a heart to see change in this country.


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A brighter future is possible if we build it together.